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Welcome to D.D.L.C. Academy

where every child's journey of dreams, discovery, learning and creation is nurtured and guided. With a comprehensive approach to education that spans from early childhood to college years, we are dedicated to being your partner in supporting young minds. As a hub for STEM courses, ski schools, English education, summer camps and family vacations, we provide a nurturing environment for children to explore, learn and grow.

Our Vision

Our vision at D.D.L.C. Academy is to create a continuous thread of growth and development in your child’s life. We envision a future where each child’s dreams are embraced, their potential is nurtured and their creativity is celebrated. From ski slopes to English conversations, from hands-on experiments to college counselling, our goal is to stand by your child every step of the way, instilling confidence, resilience and a lifelong love for learning.

Our Mission

At D.D.L.C. Academy, our mission is to be the guiding light in your child’s educational journey. Our commitment remains steadfast from their first steps in our enriching preschool programs to their college preparation. Through engaging STEM activities, exhilarating ski experiences, language education and unforgettable summer adventures, we empower a passion for learning and self-discovery that carries them forward in life.


Counseling Abroad

As part of our commitment to your child’s journey, our Education Counsel services are tailored to provide comprehensive support as they transition to high school, college or university abroad. Building on earlier experiences, our counsellors guide students academically and in character and personal growth. We are here to ensure that your child’s journey from childhood to college is smooth, enriching and marked by success.



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This represents the encouragement for students to dream big and set ambitious goals. It signifies the importance of nurturing aspirations and allowing young minds to imagine and envision their future paths.

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This highlights the process of exploration and self-discovery. It signifies the academy's commitment to providing opportunities for students to explore various subjects, interests and experiences, fostering a sense of curiosity and discovery.

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Learning is at the core of education and this letter signifies the focus on acquiring knowledge, developing skills and growing academically and personally. It reflects the academy's dedication to providing effective and engaging learning experiences.

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Creativity and innovation are essential for personal growth and development. This letter emphasizes the academy's support for students to express themselves creatively, innovate and to contribute their unique ideas to the world.